Web Hosting 101: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Application Hosting

Web hosting is a specific software application distribution system where apps like location intelligence and CRM are managed and maintained. A qualified service provider deals with it, and makes it available for many clients. This means that a certain application exists on their servers, instead of the clients’ in-house servers. It can be accessed and shared by the clients’ marketing and sales teams through web browsers.

Are you looking for the best hosting service for your online business? The following lists may help you decide.

The Advantages of a Good Hosting Service

  • 24×7 maintenance security and support
  • Frequent and automatic upgrades of the app software
  • Ability to execute improvements
  • No loss of data control and security
  • Quicker and implementation of ROI
  • No difficult learning curves, and also delivers ease of use to all clients
  • Cheaper hardware and software costs
  • Reduced Sales, IT and digital marketing support at all times

Inherent Disadvantages

  • The changes in the ASP market can result in further changes in the level or type of services available to many clients
  • The integration process with the clients’ specific non-ASP systems may be a bit problematic
  • In general, the client should accept the app as provided since the ASPs may only afford a personalized solution for high profile clients
  • Clients may depend on the service provider to deliver a crucial business function, therefore limiting the control of that specific function, and instead depending on the provider