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Ask O’Leary: Do I Need To Struck on my Directly Buddy?

Ask O’Leary: Do I Need To Struck on my Directly Buddy?

Dear Tim,

I’m a college pupil and final autumn I noticed a very precious man both in of my morning classes. We’d get a get a cross paths each and every morning getting coffee in which he would smile me and sitting by me at me, eventually talking to. 1 day he asked with him and grab drinks after, to which I obliged if I wanted to go to a concert.

Fast ahead a week, he invites me over alone to hang away at their spot. I get up to their destination and notice a couple of images in their home of him and a woman. He says, “Oh that is awkward… she split up I should simply take those down. Beside me earlier, ” we took that to mean that he most likely wouldn’t be into dudes. Nevertheless, we noticed he’d deliberately stay close to me personally on their big settee whenever there are other sitting choices, spot his hand near mine, hesitate during the home whenever walking me personally away from their apartment, and would get progressively touchier with just me personally as he would take in, smooth out with buddies.

We’ve been friends that are good eight months now and things have actually remained the exact same. We keep obtaining a vibe if I make a move things might get weird from him and I’m worried that. I’ve talked to two shared buddies concerning the situation as well as both believe that something is unquestionably here ( and even though he’s said he’s right). Have always been I just reading into things or perhaps is here the opportunity this one of my closest friends could be one thing more?

Many Thanks!


The fact is you’ve been friends for eight months and he’s never mentioned being attracted to humans of the “bro” variety while there’s a possibility your friend might be betraying a deeper meaning with his close-sittin’, doorway-hesitatin’, drinky-touchy actions.

And eight months in college years is just a time that is long-ass as everybody knows.

This implies 1 of 2 things: either Really sweet man is completely straight, or he’s deeply closeted.