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Choosing the right banquet hall is vitally important in Armenian tradition

Choosing the right banquet hall is vitally important in Armenian tradition

The Reception: Armenian Banquet Halls

the marriage reception is nearly solely held at a meeting location, and hardly ever held at any outside places.

Armenian banquet halls typically hold more visitors compared to normal occasion place.

Armenian weddings often have a fairly high guest count, meaning that the banquet halls require a good amount of area to support everyone else easily.

You may expect anywhere from 200 to 500 guests for a typical wedding that is armenian. That’s lot of aunts, uncles, and cousins!

Armenian banquet halls will usually have a big party flooring for visitors to commemorate the night time away. Dancing is a sizable the main tradition, and visitors frequently dance right from the start into the end that is very.

Right Here Come The Br

Once the visitors have actually settled within their seats in the Armenian banquet hallway, the bridesmaids and groomsmen go into the location in pairs.

Typically each set (one bridesmaid and something groomsman) will dancing their means in to the banquet hallway and cheer every person on. The 2 will likely then carry on cheering and dance before the wedding that is entire has entered.

After every one of the main wedding party has entered, everyone else will visit the party flooring to commemorate the couple that is newlywed dancing and singing for approximately 10-15 moments before going back once again to their seats.

Breaking The Plate

Before going into the banquet that is armenian, the newlywed few will often step on a dish and break it (and perhaps even break their heels like within the photo above! ).