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Letters: Travel scams, gout, defence investing, environment crisis and pupil loans

Letters: Travel scams, gout, defence investing, environment crisis and pupil loans

Travel travails

Personally I think extremely sorry for people who have lost fares and deposits towards the of late unsuccessful travel agencies (NZ Herald, January 21). I worked when you look at the travel industry through the 60s to your 90s and I also can guarantee you there have been a lot of travel business problems, with associated client financial losings in that time. Most of these problems had been travel agents running away from Travel Agents Assn of NZ (TAANZ). TAANZ has professional training, safety needs and bonding which takes care of clients against losings because of a travel agents’ failure. Companies running outside TAANZ had been usually investing on ethnicity, faith or other such specialty to attract their clients. The rely upon such unqualified, un-bonded agents is frequently misplaced. Due diligence because of the client to determine the bona fide of these travel agency is important. TAANZ account is an excellent starting place. Bill Boyle, Orewa. FIND OUT MORE: • Holiday warning as travel agencies get breasts, making hundreds without seats • Kiwi few delivered to incorrect nation by travel representative

Forfeit and prosecute

The directors and shareholders, present and past associated with the travel representative speculated to have printed fraudulent travel seats need to have almost all their assets, including their property, seized by the Crown. The Ministry of Justice should prosecute them for printing travel that is fraudulent, along with learning what publishing company/persons had been in charge of the publishing and prosecute them besides. The directors need to repay all consumers they will have taken cash from, by attempting to visit this site here sell their assets, such as for instance fluid cash, vehicles and home after sorting down how much ended up being taken rather than utilized for the intended travel usage.