A Simple Guide to Taking Care of Your Wrist Watch

1. Research on the type of watch you have.

Buying and maintaining a quartz or mechanical watch in Malaysia is not an easy task. Once you
get hold of your beloved timepiece, you should learn how to take care of it well. More care must
be done if you own a mechanical watch, since these are considered as high-end timepieces, and
have plenty of small moving parts. If you own a quartz watch, you just need to keep it clean, and
change the battery every two years.

2. Take it to a professional for regular watch servicing.

At some point, all watches need cleaning and servicing. The only difference is that for quartz
watches, watch servicing cost less. For mechanical watches, since they have hundreds of small
parts, lubrication with special oils is needed. Overtime, these oils would break down.

3. Wind your mechanical watch regularly.

The spring tension in mechanical timepieces must be wound at the same time every day. Do you
know that most timepieces have a cushion of around 70 hours? Thus, if you wind it every day,
the wrist watch will never lose or stop time. While some high-end mechanical timepieces can last
many days or weeks without winding, winding it regularly is still important.

4. Set the time and date function properly.

If your watch has a time and date function, learn how to set it properly. The settings vary with
every wrist watch. Thus, make sure to read all the instructions before doing anything. Don’t set
the date between 10pm and 2am. Why? This can cause issues, and damage your watch.

The most scratch resistant material of a watch dial is crystalized sapphire. It is so hard to scratch,
and can definitely last for many decades. Just in case it gets damaged, it must be replaced immediately.

5. Check if your wrist watch is water proof.

Is your timepiece waterproof? Check it carefully. Most timepieces nowadays are advertised as
waterproof, but in truth, it’s not. If the information is not shown, or if it 20 meters or below, then
the watch is safe for everyday water contact. Feel free to wash your hands while wearing it.
However, if it is rated around 20 to 63 feet, you can wear it while swimming at the surface of a
pool, lake or ocean.